First week

Six days ago i wrote my first post on this blog. I was excited cause my friends invited me to view a link about the Red bull 400 and asked me to join him in the run the first of July. We love this kind of competition. We went crazy when when discover about the Spartan Race, but after the initial interest, we didn’t care too much about that and we didn’t participate anymore.

I’ve been exercising every day. I’ve been in Milan for all the week and the hotel I was staying did have a gym. With my friends, when developed a 15 minute routine of high intensity training to execute every day for the next 50 days. 

This first week as been very good. I stick with a Paleo diet for all the week. It’s Benn cause be outside for work means never cook. I had eggs for breakfast (it’s prerably to eat in 30 minute after waking up) and meat for lunch with vegetables. I don’t eat too much fruit during my cutting phase, cause i don’t want to raise my glicemy level and prevent fat loss). We went for a run yesterday and trained for two hours in the countryside. Mostly push up and pull. 

I had my cheat day on Saturday. Sunday went smooth. I woke up on 4pm (we just love to sleep. We’re not a party hard couple). I eated scrambled eggs and *salmone affumicato* and she eated a sandwich. I feel confident. I’ve had a good control of my urges during this week. 

I had a run o Saturday and another one to orrow. 




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